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I'am Mercibel Espiritu Antimano.I 'am a teacher,meat process owned business and wedding organiser,I'am fond of doing things that my family could be froud of me.!and I love to contribute good things to our society even in a simple way, I do have some charity work ,, I love to sing ,and play the guitar.I love to dance ,if I could stop those things in my behalf, my life has no color and drought !I (I love to write blog ,)BY THE WAY

Have you heard of people going to a hospital just for a VIP check up but never got out and had to be confined in an ICU ?

What happened? Why all of a sudden without warning, these people got sick of severe complications?

Do you know what is the culprit?

Hospital-borne bacteria.

Yes, a sea of bacteria and an ocean of viruses are flooding all over the hospital waiting for someone to devour.

This flash flood of pathogens is scary to a few, but unknown to so many. A lot of stories have been recorded on this but not advertised by hospitals.

A client of mine in 2006 almost died of severe pneumonia (known to have no cure) in one of the big hospitals in Quezon City, but, thanks to Transfer Factor Plus he was released by the hospital free of this so called 'no-cure' disease.

This 82yo man was featured in one of my posts earlier. He went for a check up because of his prostate cancer but went straight to the ICU after that. It was a sudden attack! We attributed it to a bacterium which was a hospital-borne microbe. This type of bacteria can harm anyone with a weak or dysfunctional immune system. In other words, his immune system is dumb ('bobo' in Tagalog) because it can not recognize the bacterium. This leads to a disease because the immune system failed to respond by killing the microbe. Thus giving birth to a disease called severe pneumonia.
Medically speaking, this has no cure, so the three doctors assigned to him automatically signed a waiver and told the family about their decision. The family accepted their fate that their dad was now on his own, with a lone oxygen tank to help him get by the next few days left.

So, I was now in a position to let the family try Transfer Factor Plus and they followed my recommendation to try a dosage of of 5capsules 3 x a day.

The family prayed for some kind of extraordinary healing and truly prayers like this was answered when they saw their dad stood up on the 11th day and went home.

Three months thereafter, their dad was call

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