Matt Megginson

Student and Musician in Athens, GA

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My name is Matt Megginson, and I enjoy performing, writing, and listening to music. I play the drums in a local Athens folk rock group called Cannonandtheboxes. I've been playing on and off with the lead singer/guitarist, Cannon Rogers, ever since middle school. After doing an internship at New West Records in Athens in the summer before his senior year of high school, Cannon felt extremely inspired by the open, inviting, diverse music scene here which was a big reason behind why he decided to come to UGA. Now, with both of us being sophomores here, along with Athens' ever-blooming local music scene, the stage is literally set for the group to progress. In an interview with WUOG 90.5, UGA's radio station, I was quoted dubbing our style as the non-ventured genre "folk punk." Cannon's Bob Dylan-esque songwriting and harmonica skills in collaboration with my frenetic, punk influenced playing style yield a beautiful, hybrid baby that we call Cannonandtheboxes. The songs Cannon writes often have a message, sometimes even a dark one hidden behind poppy choruses and uptempo beats. Citing one of Cannon's quotes from our interview with WUOG, “Hopefully in the future, this is something we can continue to do. We can continue to play shows and make people think, it's been fun to do this at school so I would like to take this as seriously as I can because I do but also we're students so we're doing that first and foremost."