Megan Vick

I was in the third grade when I wrote my first short story; a time traveling piece about King Ferdinand (of Christopher Columbus fame) coming to the future to attend the MTV Video Music Awards. I knew from that moment on that I want to be a writer in the Entertainment industry.

The ambition stood true when it came time to choose a major for college. Many people have asked why someone would major in music business when "the industry is dying." After correcting them that the industry is not dying, merely re-inventing its business plan, I explain that I did it because I've always felt like music and entertainment is where I belong. I've never been cut out for a 9-5 and I thrive most when I'm surrounded by creative people making art that brings meaning and joy to other people. Please excuse the cliche, but I promise it's true. Ex-girl scout's honor!

While I majored in music industry specifically, I realized during my internship at Billboard Magazine that film and tv production are calling my name. My favorite place on earth is a dark movie theater with velvet seats and a warm bag of popcorn. I would forgo grocery shopping to keep all of my favorite cable channels (I am not missing an episode of "True Blood" or "Switched At Birth" - don't judge me).

I'm so convinced that this is the right direction for me that I recently made the big leap and moved across the country to LA to find my dream job. Actually, it's Camarillo for the time being, but just go with it.

So in short, I'm Megan. I am a pop culture junkie and movie addict with a soft-spot for storytelling. I am known for making mix CDs and doing a kick-ass British accent (yes, hire me and I will do it whenever you want to hear it.)

If you'd like to know more about me check out the links below: Twitter (disclaimer: this is used mostly for my "General Hospital" and MTV reality shows commentary), LinkedIn (digital resume), Tumblr (see me in digital person!) and Last.Fm (forgive the amount of Hanson and Justin Timberlake. I like keeping my childhood close to me).