Meghan Collins

San Francisco CA

I've worked at Aruba Networks for 10 years now.

I love my birthday and will never complain about getting older. It's a privilege denied to many.

I think I'm funny as hell.

Extremely easy-going.

I'm really honest and will never break your trust.

It takes a lot to make me mad, unless I'm hangry.

I wouldn't trade places with anyone. The people in my life are the coolest in the world, and I wouldn't risk losing that.

If you're my friend or family, I'd literally do anything for you.

I think it's true that you're never fully dressed without a smile.

Extremely family-oriented.

I've never seen Star Wars and I'm cool with that.

I love weird people because I hate boring.

I rarely say no.

I think people should try to live in such a way that if anyone should speak badly of them, no one would believe it.

I think this is really solid advice: It's not what you do, it's how you do it. It's not what you see, it's how you look at it. It's not how your life is, it's how you live it.

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