Megan Cummings

hey everyone! i'm megan :) im From Tuscaloosa, Alabama and i'm 14. I recently found out about and from there it has made a HUGE impact on my life. I finally found people who i can relate to and they understand what im going through. After people reaching out to me, i want to reach out to you now. Being bullied is really tough because you dont think your good enough to live or your not pretty enough. Being bullied makes you feel like your not wanted and nobody likes you. I know what it's like. i've been bullied ever since i started school and i recently just had to be home schooled because of bullying. Giving up my freshman year of high school is tough! I'll never know what it's like because i was bullied. I'm here to help ANYONE. Just shoot me a message and tell me what's going on. I'll be glad to help because i dont want people to feel like i have or done like i have. Just keep this in your head, "You might think i'm ugly, but Jesus thinks i'm to die for!" Hope to hear from some of you! Have a blessed day everyone!