Meggy Yao

I am Taiwanese, have spent my whole life in Indonesia, will spend a few years of my life in Switzerland and work all around the world.

There are just some things in life you need to let go. Since a kid, I have always wanted to be a surgeon because I feel happy knowing that I have the capability to save someone. However, when luck and life go against you, saying no, you got to find another path, stay strong and be happy. Letting go doesn't mean you lose, instead it simply means opening up more new doors for you.

Hospitality management. This is my second passion. Even though I know I will not be able to save other people's lives anymore in the future, but one thing I know and sure about is that the chance of doing something in the "service" field is still there and that's what I have always wanted; making my life useful and memorable!

Life Is About Happiness and Passion, Not About Money :)

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