Myself Megha, Megha Raghavan ,a writer by choice and an Executive - Procurement by chance, Currently working with a M.N.C, had been working for more than a year with an international B.P.O as an O.C.R. As of now I am also doing my graduation in BA Literature English Honors from I.G.N.O.U. Writing has been a part of me since childhood, my first book was published when I was 18 and then I went on to complete a novel which is under editing now……Hailing from Kannur, a well known district in God’s Own Land, Kerala, for the Seductive natural beauty it owns, be it the largest Drive-In Beach in Asia, the Muzhappilangad Beach, or the Kannur Fort, this place has its own aroma of life. Kannur has given me inspiration, hopes and dreams many a times when I needed an emotional backup. Being born and bought up in Vadodara, Gujarat, this place have made me strong and daring enough to face hurdles and failures in my life with ease I must say , I have been a total prankster and tomboy in character, rarely had or say have friends in girls in my entire life and mostly roamed around with friends who were guys who taught me, not every man is a dog, there are trustworthy ones too….. Completed my 10th from St. Paul’s, Vadodara and 12th from G.R.E.M.S, Vadodara, have got an awesome number of idiots as friends who make my life worth living…………. Life has been a roller coaster ride, more ups and much more downs but end of the day, I am somebody satisfied and happy…. I have learnt from life that tears teach you the value of smiles and I live life the way it comes, some days are sunny, some cloudy, some dark , some messy but after every such day awaits a bright sunshine!!! That’s me!!! My life!!! My friends!!! My love!!! And sands of my life!!!!!

You know my name, you know where I live, thats all you would need to know about me, To know my life, check my blog, Its me, my friends, my love and sands of my life...................... to define me in a word, its Mystery............. You would never be able to solve it .....................

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