Megha Abraham

Adelaide, Australia

Megha passionately believes in simple, well thought out and beautifully designed content. In addition to working as a Marketing and Content Specialist with a technology solutions company, she also independently consults with first and second generation SMEs, sole proprietorships and digital marketers to create meangingful content that engages target groups, builds communities and sustains value.

An experienced digital strategist, brand developer and communications professional, Megha has worked with brands such as Apple, British Council, Boeing, Sony, BMW, Rolls Royce, British Telecom and Gulf News.

With international experience spanning South Asia, the Middle East, and now Australia, she has a versatile and dynamic skill set with an understanding of what's trending, useful market insights and an ability to connect with her target audience.

When she's not at work, Megha's personal pursuits involve spirituality, travelling, reading and collecting books, scouring the web for beautiful content, trend spotting, meeting new people and art house films.

  • Work
    • Marketing & Content Specialist
  • Education
    • Masters of Science in Communication