Megha Bhattacharya


I talk. I dream. I think. I do. I believe in me.

Doing the most different things in life is my passion. I want to be a desginer, an engineer, an event planner, an ideal daughter, a perfect friend and an awesome entrepreneur making someone smile because of me.

Life is simple. I want to make it simpler for people who think otherwise. And I want to do it my way - a little bite of technology with a dash of art, filled with innovation and bucket full of passion.

To tread an unusual path is something I strive to do. I hate the obvious or the predictable. Finding creative solutions to common problems makes me happy.

Working under pressure keeps me happy. Making a living out of what I love will keep me happy.
If you want to know what I do, have done or would like to know do see my LinkedIn profile.

  • Work
    • Student
  • Education
    • National University of Singpaore