Meghaditya Roy Chaudhury

Meghaditya Roy Chaudhury

An overview of the creature:

A Hindu by birth.

A Human by choice.

An Indian by heart.

Computer Science Fanatic.

External Characteristics:

Comics Lover.

Madly loves his parents.

Never wants to grow up.

Runs away from outdoor sports(especially Cricket!).

A little Moody.

Internal Characteristics:

Loves loneliness.

Shares his secrets with nobody.

Values his words when promising.

Knows his capabilities and limitations.

Respects others when in a team.

Helps everyone irrespective of friends or foes.

If I say,"Trust on me" then I really mean it.

P.S. : If you are honest with me I can be the best person you have ever met, if not then prepare to get hurt.