Meghana Pendse

Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Hi...!! I am Meghana, the one behind myfoodmytaste. I’m a home chef with no formal training, but I LOVE food. This blog is created to express my love for food, it's hard for me to choose my personal favourite, but I have a soft spot for noodles, rice, cheese, pastas, potatoes, chicken (the list actually goes onn.....) & food served specially in main course. I love to cook & serve my family & friends. Cooking is an art, you need to have patience & not rush through any recipe. You need to be prepared to stand for those extra 5 minutes in the kitchen if need be & allow the ingredients to blend in well. The ingredients in any dish needs to be added at a particular time to whip out the best version of that dish. Once I get into my kitchen I enjoy making scrumptious and really fun to eat food.

I have an amazing, supportive husband who is not only my foodographer but has been a great “guinea pig” for testing out my recipes. My blog is inspired by my husband, Pranav. His transformation from fast food, restaurant food lover to homemade restaurant style healthy food. Myfoodmytaste Blog is where you’ll find recipes that are : husband approved, inspired by my mum, restaurant style cooking, fast food & also makeover from what is leftover in the fridge.

I love connecting with fellow foodies or anyone who is interested in learning more about the world of simple, homemade & flavourful eating.

Thanks for dropping by, please enjoy!

I am cooking & I am sharing MYFOODMYTASTE!

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