Meghan Byrne

I am a current senior at Villanova University and will be graduation this July with a major in Media and Technology. My background is rather unique. When I was six my uncle bought me a pair of figure skates and some group lessons for my birthday. I had also gone to a few Ice shows such as Disney on Ice and Stars on Ice and I fell in love with figure skating. I had taken about three groups lessons when the coach asked if I would be interested in taking privates lesson. From that day on skating became my life. I started homeschooling in forth grade because in order to be competitive in the sport you needed to be at the rink all day training. I learned at a young age what the word dedication meant and developed a work ethic that most people don’t have till their mid-20s. I had to be extremely goal oriented and self-motivated in order to get to where I what to be in my sport. I was a pair’s skater, which was my favorite discipline in figure. My partner and I were undefeated for 3 seasons and won National medals. We were part of team U.S.A and being able to represent your country is one of most incredible feeing one could ever feel in their life. I was a competitive figure skater for 12 years until I became a coach and went to college. Skating is a huge part of who I am today. It has taught me a lot about myself throughout the years and I was able to experience many amazing things doing what I loved to do. Now I am able to be a coach and give back to the sport that I love. It has been a rewarding experience because I am able to give back and share my love for the sport with my students. Coaching has allowed me to stay involved in the sport. These past few years of coaching have taught me to have patience, which was a skill I needed to master. The feeling I get knowing that I helped them achieve their goals is extremely rewarding especially when their faces light up when they pass a skating test or accomplish a new element. I have experienced a lot over the past couple of years and I am extremely grateful for all of them. I am looking forward to all the things the future has in store for me.

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