Meghann Doyle

A beautiful tiny town in central Vancouver Island.

I love comicbooks… not in the conventional way. I research the bizarre andobscure, not to improve at Couch Jeopardy (where yelling at the tvcomes standard), but because it worms it’s way into my subconsciousand then into my work.

I spent severalmisguided years aiming to be a doctor. I fondly look back at that,and other near-failures; my education is diverse and influential inmy work. I earned a BFA of Visual Arts at the University of Victoria.I paint in oils, write and illustrate graphic novels, and teach.

My indie graphicnovel series is called "End's Shadow Caste". It's the mainfocus of my time and benefits the most from my hyper-organized leftbrain. Though the pages might be designed digitally, the finalartwork is created by hand. I prefer the tactile quality of workingwith real materials. Ink and paint can be manipulated in ways digitalnever can. The reward of figuring out how to deal with a blotch can'tbe matched by hitting undo.

  • Work
    • End's Shadow Caste is my current project.
  • Education
    • University of Victoria Visual Arts