Meghan Wourms

Student in Middletown, Ohio

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I chose Achiever for my strength. It means that one will always try his hardest in order to achieve something. They feel the need to be productive everyday; this makes them feel content. I identify with this strength because I always feel like I need to accomplish something in my day. I will make a checklist of tasks that I need to complete most days. Having this strength allows me to be the best that I can academically. Being an achiever gives me motivation to succeed. I make sure to not get distracted when I am studying. With minimal distractions, I get everything that I need to get done. Being on top of homework and studying is how I am an achiever.

The time management activities were beneficial for me. One of them that we did was the Daily Schedule Chart, where we tracked our activities down to the hour. At the end of the week, I looked at my chart and realized that I was wasting time in between activities such as class and eating. I would sit on my phone or be on the internet when I got back to my dorm. After realizing how much of a time waster this was, I started to cut down on the aimless internet browsing. I learned from this assignment that I have enough time for everything if I prioritize my activities. The second part of the time management assignments was a Fixed Commitments Calendar. For this, I wrote out a perspective schedule of my week. This was helpful because it helped me organize my time. This also will be beneficial for me in the future during college because when I have a set time to study, I get more done. It is helpful to have my activities all planned out right in front of me. It helps with organization, and will allow me to be more efficient in the future.

The First Year Success Series that I chose helped me with my transition to college. One of them was Tips for Effectively Communicating with Technology. I learned from this session that it is important to have proper etiquette when emailing a professor/instructor. I learned that you should always address the email with 'dear' or 'hello' then your instructor's name. This is important to first year students because not every freshman knows how to send a proper email to an instructor, and as we grow older, it is important for us to behave professionally. Being able to send a proper email is professional. I will use the information that I learned from this session in the future when I send emails to my instructors.