Meghna Nagrath

Meghna is a psychologist. She is possibly your best bet this side of Alpha Centauri. She likes listening to people, loves helping them and is generally the good lil’ helper Santa dreamed about when he was still operating sober.

She can make you quit your vices, love your spouse, exorcize your children and convince your mother in-law that she is indeed a butterfly flapping around the Amazon expelling glitter and cupcakes. Meghna of course insists that she is only human.

As a kid, she was obsessed with Harry Potter. Now she is obsessed with a certain one-who-cannot-be-named, for reasons of impropriety and other big words she likes to use to bemuse and bedazzle people around her.

In her spare time she likes to read every book that comes her way, watch elaborately clumsy crime shows, make plans for travel to exotic places, collect recipes for others to cook and feed her while she naps and dreams about that cottage by the lake.

No she doesn’t rant or whine.