Megan Hyde

My name is Megan Hyde and I am a passionate person with a love for communicating. I appreciate learning and embrace challenge. I absolutely trust that integrity, gusto, and grace go a long way.

Professionally, I am a Multimedia Content Producer and Journalist. My current ambitions are to utilize and evolve my knowledge for New Media specifically in the areas of Narrative Reporting, Editing, Social Media, and Publishing and Distribution. My objectives coincide with my intention to work full time in these industries.

I value the new age of communication tremendously and see the potential of employing various methods of media in many fields. It is my opinion that both business and personal matters begin with communication and Journalism is a reflection of this.

Journalism has been my passion since I was a Staff Writer for the Highlands Elementary school newspaper. My enthusiasm has only deepened and I aim to absorb as much as possible for this subject every day.

I chose to pursue a graduate degree in New Media Journalism to learn more about new approaches for the subject and enhance my skillset. I have worked with print and digital publications, both interning and freelance writing this far and am eager to apply my current, as well as emerging abilities, to further employment opportunities.

To get a further glimpse at my work, my website and portfolio may be viewed at Please contact me with questions or inquiries to collaborate by emailing as well.