Kela Vaporis

Mom Friend in Washington

Kela Vaporis

Mom Friend in Washington

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Hello! I'm Kela, there's just a little bit you need to read here.

Mutuals/Friends just rq.


+ I'm a 14 year old mtf transgirl [she/her]

+ I'm a disgusting furry

+ I get really passoniate about a few topics, it's annoying.


ME ME ME [100%]

Undyne [Undertale]

She is me, and I am her, please tag me as myself.

Lowkey me [90%]

Mordecai [Regular show]


Sapphire [Steven Universe]

Benjamin Clawhauser [Zootopia]

Bonnie the Bunny [Five Nights At Freddy's]

I'm really close to these characters and really want to be tagged.


Toffee [Star vs the Forces of Evil]

Bill Cipher [Gravity Falls]

Warren Graham [Life is Strange]

ZEN [Mystic Messenger]

Self Titled [@hands4guns album au]

These guys are a lot less of me, I don't need to be tagged, it's just appreciated.

•Comfort Tags:

Riolu [Pokémon]

Marco [Star vs tfoe]

Ms Fortune [Skullgirls]

These two just make me happy, I don't have to be tagged.

Friends Kins;


•Hatsune Miku [Vocaloid]

•Golden Freddy [FnaF]

•Lisia [Pokémon, or/as]




•Rose Quartz [^Steven Universe^]


•Nathan Prescott [Life is Strange]

•Evan/Habit [everymanHYBRID]


•The Mangle [FnaF 2]

•Judy Hopps [Zootopia]

•Dr. Alphys [Undertale]


•Natsu Dragneel [Fairy Tail]

•Stitch [Lilo & Stitch]

You can still follow if you have any of these, you just won't be tagged if you kin with any of these.


•Disclaimer: They aren't PTSD linked triggers, I'm not gonna be a tumblr sjw, these just,, make me uncomfortable is all.

Abusive relationships


Before You Follow;

•Don't follow if you are: Homo/Transphobic, gonna be a ghost, or are just gonna rant at me to fight my opinion.

{•}DM Me:

One of these 3 things, either ask for my my main, dm me a picture of Kylo Ren, or the words "it's anything but."