Meggylove Teves

Two words to describe MEGGY LOVE: HOTCHICK. :p
A confident woman. i know what i want and gets it.
I'm aware of my flaws, but i don't obsess over them,
instead I think that maybe it actually add to my unique beauty. I am passionate, and love life!

I'm comfortable in my own skin and my own sexuality, but use it purely for good.
I don't see other women as my enemy,
and competes only with myself to do my best at all times and to be my best at all times.

I am forthright honest, and disarmingly myself.
I never try to be anyone else.
I am having fun and I'm SEXY! :)
and everybody wants to be around me to soak
up some of my good vibes.

I always pray. i believe it works!
Charm is deceiving and beauty is fleeting
but a woman who praise the lord is to be praised.
I'm not perfect, but i don't care because I'm HOT!!