Megan Thomas

South Africa

This space will be, like many a mainstream blog, a forum for me to express myself, challenge myself and grow myself as a writer and I will do so trying, with the utmost effort, not to come across as a condescending BA student who “just has so much to say (stifles tear)”.

I am an opinionated South African student. I hope, one day, the things that make me who I am will mould the things I do. Who knows – maybe my adoration for cheesy rom-coms , my ability to memorize the musical score of any Broadway musical, my inability to wake up pleasantly before 8am, my disinterest in conflict except when I am absolutely sure I am right, my skeptic and observational ways and my somewhat shady temper will be the subject matter of a world famous novel one day? That would be great.

My blog,, is to express things that amuse me, things that interest me, things that annoy me, things I enjoy and things I do not enjoy. Whether or not you are amused, interested, annoyed or enlightened is something you will have to learn with time.

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    • University of Cape Town