megan longfield

hi, i'm megan longfield & i'm thirteen years old

i'm an only child and i live in yorkshire in a small house with my amazing mum

my dad lives 15 minutes away and he is the best dad in the world

even though my mum and dad are divorced they are still really good friends and we all spend christmas together

my best friend in the whole world is ciara, my other best friends are dave, mae, niamh, danielle, brad, charlotte, lucie, grace

i get attatched to people really easily and i find it really hard to move on after liking someone

i am really close to my two cousins mille and eleanor and i have been ever since we were really young, i see them as my little sisters

i have a crazy obsession with nutella, its so gorgeous

i believe everything happens for a reason and sometimes bad things happen to open the doors to new good things

when i'm older i want to be a social worker and work with children and families

i love the rain, i don't know why

i also love swimming in like really cold water, haha

so yeah this is my tumblr:-) enjoy!!