Megumi Kii

Tokyo, Japan

Born in Tokyo, Japan. Raised in San Diego, CA, and Barcelona, Spain, where I acquired to be multilingual (English, Spanish, and Japanese). I came back to Japan when I was in 10th grade. Strongly fell in love with broadway musicals, and performed in many occasions during my three years in high school. I also do volunteer actitivities for 3.11 earthquake that hit Japan in 2011. Tanobora 3.11 is a student organization that I am currently involved in. We organize a number of events related to reconstruct the Tohoku district from the catastrophe. I am interested in the field of social business and development studies.

  • Work
    • President of Tanobora 3.11
  • Education
    • Benjamin Franklin International School
    • Shoei Girls High School
    • International Christian University