Meghna .S. Menon


Hey there! I'm Meghna! Call me Megz in short! I am a proud Indian and is born, a Hindu. I am a singer and I am truly madly deeply in love with music. I cook really well and enjoy eating too! I am a cake enthusiast and love hot and spicy food! I have a good taste in Music,Art and Dance.I am truly a Huuuugeee Boyband Fan!!! I spend my free time either Singing or Dancing or Drawing or Spray painting walls or Maybe even writing blogs,stories and poems.I love my family.I do a lot of charity work.I love travelling,photography and I am crazy about dogs! I think I am a bit stylish but not too much! I enjoy being with my friends alot and they all mean a lot to me. My dream is to be in a musical Band and sell out Arenas across the world and tour this amazing globe with my bandmates! :) I believe that everyone deserves to be happy.I'm the best person to seek help when you want a hug because I am a hugger (that might not even be a real word,But just go with it! ) :) You might find me a bit crazy but that's who I am and I won't change.You'll always have a laugh when you are with me and will never regret that! I always try to be happy and live life for the moment! Life is like a roller coaster! You decide to cry out loud or to have a nice time! My life is an open book and the Chapters, my Story. Enough about me. So, How you been? :)