Mehak Malhotra......<3

the grl z peaceable, easygoin 2 d pt o inertia

LIKES -gentleness,sharing,conviviality

on d dark side -changbl,indecisive

-for d lady decisions r hrd 2 mk, nd wen der r 2

mny of dem 2 mk she feelz

drained oftentimz she procrastinates $

dey nvr sttl n a solution or ansr

-impatient o routine

-somtimes exihibits indulgent nature bt lvs harmony

-artistic "nt intellectual"

-cant tolerate argumnt 4m any1 who challengz her opinion 4 once she haz reachd a conclusion

-seldm angry ven circumstncs dmand a show o annoyance at least

DISLIKES -violence,injustice,brutishness