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Musician, Civil Quality Control Engineer, and Blogging in Pakistan

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Welcome to my profile.

I am Mehboob Alam ,Geological Engineer and professionally working in Civil Construction industry.

Music,Bodybuilding,Painting, and blogging are my Passion and i am sticked with it. When i was in School(3rd Grade ,2000) i started drawing Painting and writing Pashto,Arabic language Alphabet in different writing designs. In 2005 started Gym and got 1st place in District Bodybuilding Championship 2008.

"The Fazle Haq College Mardan" khyberpakhtunkhwa, a college where i fulfill one of my dream of "Aeronautics" as we had a Lab of Aeronautics so in all of my free times i was there,I studied different books of Aeronautics and design some of my own Hanging Gliders and Paper Airplanes though they didn't fly really :)
Its Still my hobby to make a hanging glider or Airplane with wooden sheet of Balsa or with Thermo-poll-sheets.

In 2010 i was enrolled in BUITEMS Engineering University Quetta, during this period i got a chance of learning Music.

Rabab is our traditional/cultural musical instrument and the official musical instrument of Afghanistan, So i choose Rabab to be practiced, since 2010 till now i am playing Rabab and learning more music day by day.

As a Blog writer, I'm collecting informations about my Home Land (District "Swabi" Specifically).

So that's what I am.

A Dreamer,trying to Explore my dreams.

Thanks for reading my story!

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    • BS Geological Engineer