Mahdi Rezaei

Iran, Esfahan

I'm software engineer and my expertise is in RDBMS, Nosql especially Cassandra, java and related technologies for web development.
In my recent education in master of e-business, I’m trying to plan more intelligent SCM, CRM, ERP, Accounting systems and Diagnosis systems.
Mostly people dislike machine world, the world that computers govern, they think computers are apathetic and the world will be intolerable, but I believe that the world should be changed, machines are more suitable to manage our lives. The human should think and create and manage until computers get the ability of creating and thinking.
I'm unemployed now, because I haven’t found my perfect job. Because ….
I don’t think about a job to earn money, I want to find a group to help me change the world that computers work and think and decide and solve our matters.

  • Work
    • Research and Development
  • Education
    • Master in IT management
    • Bachelor of Software Engineering