Mehek Seyid

Digital Content Writer in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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Mehek (ma-heck) is the definition of a cross functional professional. She also once reviewed a perogie poutine as "an intimate experience" on The Food Network.

Driven by a passion for the arts, culture and entertainment industry, Mehek began producing digital content for online platforms over six years ago to contribute to the ongoing digital conversation surrounding the transformative power of the industry and to connect with likeminded fans, brands and institutions.

A business graduate with a knack for recruiting, customer service and industry hopping (see: government, IT, banking, entertainment and engineering) Mehek is now shifting career gears and seeking a new role in content creation, social media management and digital marketing. She wants to collaborate with fellow creatives who believe that content is more than just a cat meme and seek to shape it as a social and business agent of change.

She's so excited to fix your title tags and improve your engagement metrics that she's currently wrapping up a Certificate in Digital Marketing Management with The University of Toronto so she can get the job done right.

You just met her. And this is crazy. But What The Mehek? Just connect with her, maybe (definitely).

  • Education
    • University of Western Ontario