Michele Mehl

founder, Mother, and wife in Seattle, Washington

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My name is Michele and I possess no secret formula for a healthy lifestyle, no magic pill to shed pounds, and I’ll make it very clear that we aren’t the ones who finally created an exercise device that allows you to do nothing to get healthy. I’ve been working my tail off for 20 years in the world of technology startups and have had the privilege to work with amazing entrepreneurs at companies like Ask.com, Cheezburger, zulily, OfferUp, WhitePages and more. But, like many busy parents, my work schedule, household responsibilities, and desire to be the best possible wife, mom, sister, daughter, and friend sidelined most of my exercise goals. I was paying for a gym membership I wasn’t using (like 4 out of 6 Americans do), yet refused to cancel it because I felt that was admitting failure. I would get on the wagon to get fit, yet fall off quickly to watch the dust pile up on the treadmill, weights, and bicycle trainer in my basement.

At 41, I was at my highest weight (as you will see in the below picture), did not feel healthy, and knew I was on the wrong genetic pathway — with my dad having had two heart attacks and my mom having high blood pressure. So, we sought a better way and think you’ll be amazed at what’s possible.

I’ve been using Excy as a total body exercise cycling cross training system for cardio and strength training for my arms, legs and core and it has changed my life. I’ve had some of my best workouts watching TV with the family. I’ve also discovered time to squeeze in movement and extra activity while playing Uno with my son and at my desk. It has also at times felt like a life saver in keeping me healthy with a recent broken leg that resulted in a blood clot. Now I want to share Excy with more people. We hit our KICKSTARTER goal in October 2015, shipped our first systems in December 2015, and we are now taking orders and shipping!

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