Mehmood Hanif

Mehmood is a social person, love to experience new things and people. He is a food lover.

Mehmood Hanif is a highly effective, self-motivated and a hard working individual. He is young, yet he is a very accomplished professional. Currently, he is working as a Marketing and Sales Manager at Bhagwanee Textile International. As a Sales Personnel and a Marketing Manager, Mehmood has excellent interpersonal communication skills, and splendid marketing skills to persuade people and impact results. Although, he is still comparatively new to the field, his hard work and commitment toward his job has rendered him considerable success in the said area. Mehmood's strengths include an intuitive power to assess and evaluate challenges, and positively influence the growth of sales and profit for the company. He can excellently convince people and mould their buying decisions, which is an essential trait for any marketing and sales professional.

Mehmood not only knows how to generate sales through his excellent marketing skills and marketing insight, he has remarkable people management skills too. He excelled in this area because he had gained considerable experience working as an intern at The Next Big Thing, which is a digital media agency. During his internship, he worked as a social media executive, wherein he gained his expertise in social networking, developing brand profile on social platforms, communicating the brands with the customers via social platforms, leant the management of social media platforms, management of community pages, social media reporting and actively participated in brainstorming sessions. Learning these techniques of online marketing enabled him to strengthen his marketing and sales skills, which proved to be very beneficial for his career.

Mehmood attended Iqra University and attained his Master's degree in Business Administration. He also earned a Bachelor of Commerce degree from Government Commerce & Economics College. During his professional career, he gained two increments in a single year and was awarded the most energetic and productive employee for the year 2011. Apart from that, Mehmood has interest in teaching, watching movies, reading and listening to music.