Mehran Saeed

Mehran Saeed

Mehran Saeed is a name of limitless resistance against multiple hardships & shortcomings.

After his breathtaking experience in Europe,when came back to Pakistan, he decided to devote his rest of entire life to Pakistan.

After joining COMSATS Islamabad as a student of Electrical Computer Engineering, he started an initiative of "ArCana" successfully in various universities for children welfare, social nourishment & Youth Empowerment

He also turned his direction towards Dramatics Sector being a script writer and Actor and conducted a play "Adhuri Dunya" in a profound platform

He is also known as a stupendous debater and delivered many of his motivational speeches & debates in a spirit full manner along with his mastery of public speaking as a Host & Event Management.

Apart from Dramatics & Debating, he got the poetic mastery to write against the social culprits of society in a sarcastic way. He is also known to be a "Critical Analyst" who raises his voices fearlessly against the social evils and to illuminate sensitive pitfalls who the rest hesitates to speak about.

During his stay in Europe, he worked with certain Missionary Churches for Welfare of Poor and Needy. Moreover, his services for Dawaah to Pakistani Community includes daily Lectures in a particular area. He also put his efforts in propagating Islam to the Non-Muslims in felicitous way.

Now a days giving his ultimate passion & struggles to Pakistan and Pakistan i