Mehrdad Samimi

Tehran, Iran

Educated in law,political sciences,and co-operatives. Writer and translator.

A-Books Translated from English into Persian:

1- Persian Puzzle(معمای ايران).

2-Warrior in to continents(دلاور دوقاره).

B-Books published in Persian:

1- مشکلات ژئواستراتژيک انرژی و امنيت انرژی درجهان Geo-strategical problems of Energy & Security of Energy in the world.

C- Books compiled in English:

1-Islamic Azad University& Federation of Universities of the Islamic word( دانشگاه آزاد اسلامی و فدراسيون دانشگاه های جهان اسلام).

  • Work
    • Ex-MFA
  • Education
    • Political Science, Law and Co-Operatives