Mehria Karimzadah

She does not do anything half-heartedly and she excels in every pursuit she undertakes even if she's just trying her hand at it. A dreamer who constantly seeks to improve herself, Mehria's interned as business developer for Paramor Payments, worked as project manager at Delvinia, and competed as well as judged in DECA's Provincial and Undergrad Commerce Society's "Show Me the Green" Competition. She also co-founded and stood as co-president of UTM's Afghan Society. But that position of power wasn't enough, oh no. And her list of accomplishments wasn't intimidating enough. She also co-founded DEMS and now resides as its Chief of Operations and Co-President.

In the future, she wants to earn her Masters and eventually her PhD for project management, communications, and become a venture capitalist as well as a professor at her alma-mater. She cares about her fellow students, which is why she founded the DEM Society to bring more recognition to her program to benefit its past and future graduates. She enjoys fantasy movies, meeting people, and making people smile. Even you, stranger-- yes you.