mehrzad ferdows

Project Manager, Editor, and Personal Trainer in Dubai

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Mehrzad Manuel Ferdows was born on 23 July 1970. he isan Industrial Engineering graduate form University of Southern California inthe United States (1989-1993) and is a leading entrepreneur, advisor and investor.Mehrzad Manuel Ferdows is one of the strongest voices in supporting Charities,benevolence donations and has a remarkable entrepreneurship role in developinginfrastructure in poor rural areas and has dedicated his volunteer efforts forpoor children as Ferdows thinks they will build our future. Mehrzad Ferdows hasgiven several speeches on transformational leadership, industrial marketing, andwin-win negotiations with all stakeholders as Mehrzad Ferdows believes thathuman beings are social beings and that negotiation is the most common way ofestablishing communication between individuals. Accordingly, he believes that organizationsare also social systems made up of humans since the goal of negotiation is toagree on legitimate interests the same is true in organizations. Ferdows haswritten a couple of articles on the leaders role in change management, thesignificant role of innovation in today's businesses, implementing spin-offstrategies to maximize profits once corporations expand into a large conglomerates,critical thinking and creativity that is achieved through interpretation,analysis, evaluation and inference leading to the organizational progress anddevelopment, digital transformation, the role of leader as a crisis manager instressful situations and etc.