Mehtab, born on 15th September, 1963, has repute in the field of Punjabi Journalism. He served in the daily newspapers like Spokesman, Punjabi Tribune, Amar Ujala, Desh Sewak, Preet Lari, Hamdard Weekly, Doordarshan Kendra Jalandhar (Jalandhar TV Station), All India Radio Chandigarh (as Casual News Reader) etc. Hundreds of articles have been written about him and his book in various newspapers, magazines by a number of leading Punjabi Writers and Critics. He has been busy in a research work of 'World Christian Dictionary'.

Mehtab's first book 'Punjabi Mini Kahani - Praptiyan Te Sambhanavan' (Punjabi Mini Story - Achievements & Probabilities) was published in 1988, which is the first book about critical analysis of the genre i.e. Mini Story in Punjabi Literature. Now it is a reference book and is often quoted in various articles and theses. Mehtab-Ud-Din has also been honoured for this creation. His second book 'Thandhi Agg De Changiare' (The Sparks of Cold Fire) was an anthology of Mini Stories. He has also written a CHRISTIAN DICTIONARY. which is available upon the Website CHRISTIAN FORT. It couldn't be published in the book form. This 800 pages book contains A to Z words about Christianity and its world history. The words are in English and their elaborations in Punjabi & Hindi languages. This is a pioneer work about Christianity in Punjabi & Hindi languages. It has been available at Christian Fort since 2006.
Mehtab-Ud-Din has translated four books till now. He translated the book 'Be the Best', written by Joginder Singh, former Director of Central Bureau of Investigation-India, from English into Punjabi under the Title 'Jitt Ton Agge' (Beyond Victory) in 2003. His second translation was an autobiography 'Annya Se Annanya' of HIndi writer Dr. Prabha Khaitan under the Title 'Aam Ton Khas' (From Common to Special) in 2013. Again, he translated a Travelogue 'Aapbeeti Jagbeeti' of Hindi writer Sandeep Bhutorria under the Title 'Haddbeeti Jagbeeti' (Inecdote) in 2013. Mehtab has also translated Prof. Sunil Anand's anthology of 500 short but the most inspirational and motivational stories 'Stories From Here & There' from English into Punjabi under the Title 'Khushi Da Raz' (The Secret of Happiness) in 2013.
Mehtab has been writing since 1978. Though now he gets a little

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