Mehul Mathrani

Consultant in Troy, Michigan

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Mehul Mathrani is a strong and sociable person. He is a people person who knows how to lead groups into success. His patience, understanding and listening skills endears him to many people. Trust him to organize a team of able people, train them and guide them all the way to successfully complete any project.

As a person, there is everything to like about him. He is very jovial and humorous. You’d catch him exchanging jokes with his juniors and laughing hard with them. This character is what connects him with most people he works with.

He also has a knack in finance, banking and investment.

You often find him reading financial articles online and novels. He is very knowledgeable in shopping online, often getting great discounts from his trades.

He also has an interesting social life too. Mehul loves travelling and touring places of interest. He has been to Europe, Asia and other parts of the world a lot of times. He says that interacting with people from other cultures is both a fulfilling and learning experience. You are able to see life in a different view from your own. He also likes watching movies when he is resting at home, shop online and reading. It is no wonder that he has a very sharp mind.

To cap it all up, Mehul is a man who loves his family.