Mehul Kamdar

Director in Houston, Texas

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The man who has not anything to boast of but his illustrious ancestors, is like a potato. The only good belonging to him is underground.

- Sir Thomas Overbury

I enjoy good books, good food, music, theater, and looking for niche business in different industries. And, of course, I love dogs. I've always had dogs, and will care for, and pamper dogs whenever I get the opportunity. Oh, and, yes, I speak nine languages, and hope to learn more.

I am a Roosevelt University grad, and I shall have my Master's degree in the Liberal Arts from the University of Chicago, hopefully soon, when I defend my thesis. Hope to stay at university and remain a part time student for as long as I can. And, yes, there are two things that I miss about Chicago here in Houston: the University of Chicago, and my favorite restaurants, though Houston does have some great dining that I'm slowly beginning to discover.

With a strong interest in clean energy (including nuclear power) I had to become a constantly learning hypermiler. Am a huge fan of electric mobility, solar energy for home and commercial use. Am also a technology buff and keep buying and testing gadgets from time to time.

Do get in touch, and, if there's something of interest, I'll look forward to chatting about it.

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