Mehul Damani

Project Manager, Activist, and Facilitator in London, United Kingdom

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I worked in the financial services industry for five years. It was an amazing experience allowing me learn a great deal while giving me the opportunity to live and work in different countries and experience their cultures. I craved a change in direction, stemming from a desire to put my skills to more productive, fruitful uses where real, meaningful change could be achieved. I am passionate about our environment.

I am currently working for Greenpeace as a technology Project Manager and am supportive of other campaigning organizations both financially and vocally through the ever more powerful digital mediums.

I believe that education is incredibly important in changing people's perceptions. People are far too removed from the production of items they use daily and it is impossible for them to see the environmental consequences. There is some great work being done to help individuals and corporations understand their supply chain - this work needs to continue.

For people that have an understanding of environmental problems they do not feel empowered to be able to make a difference. I believe in people power and we all need to put more pressure on our governments, the organizations we work for and invest in/through, to put in place policies and more importantly to act on those policies that will allow us all to lead more sustainable lives.

Changing someone's mind is much easier than changing their behaviour. I believe markets could play an important role in this. Markets will never be 100% efficient, we need to however work on removing the subsidies and tariffs that are adding to environmental degradation. Giving carbon (and other negative externalities) a price by factoring in the environmental damage could be the most effective way of changing people's behaviour.

I think (as many others) that humanity is at a cross road and has to make changes now, before we pass tipping point. I continue to remain optimistic that humanity will come together and make the required changes before it is too late.