Mei Blossom

Mei Blossom

my life revolves around four beautiful souls - three lovely ladies and a bubbly little one. for over a decade, that was the only life i have known. is it too late? how did a butterfly turn into a mouse? a sudden change of priorities? the same reason that made me want to claim back what i once had and how i once was.

life is still beautiful. i mean, it always has been if i didn't choose to lose myself and wallow in misery. then the turning point. just when i thought life's totally going down the drain after things sent me falling into a downward spiral, i realized that the best thing about hitting rock bottom is... there is no way to GO but UP! it's time to get things under my control; enough of letting those things control me. GETTING MY LIFE BACK!.. now that things are starting to fall into place as fate has finally smiled at me. this is only the beginning. think BIG, start SMALL, grow FAST! like they say: it's not gonna be easy but it's gonna be worth it. i know now am not just LUCKY... am BLESSED!

it's never too late to start again. taking a different path this time. just me and my girls. in a few years, i might be alone. that's fine. i can be alone but not lonely. those are two entirely different things for me. i'd welcome being by myself than being with someone who will make me feel alone.

for now, i take care of my treasures - my four girls - while i work from home doing data entry, keyword research, rewriting, proofreading and some new tasks that i am starting to learn. a self-motivated and accomplished virtual assistant. and i love what i do.

A favorite line from the movie Ice Princess character Casey Carlyle: “And if l fail, l fail. But because l wasn’t good enough, not because l didn’t have the guts.”

and a line from a 19th century Hasidic Rabbi...

You can learn much about life from a checker game:
- surrender one to take two;
- don't make two moves at one time;
- move up, not down;
- and when you reach the top, you can move as you like.

i've been through much but... who hasn't? we all fight the same war, just different battles.

i just have to be tough. and always ready, come what may. like they say, 'expect the worst, hope for the best.'

will just have to remember the way i shall always be - compassionate, slow to anger and abounding in kindness and steadfast love.

  • Work
    • Virtual Assistant (research, customer service)
  • Education
    • Bachelor of Science in International Relations