Jeremy Meier

Architect in Washington, DC

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Architecture is my career - but software + technology are my passions. My ultimate goal is to bring them together! I believe in Design not just as a universal language, but also as a universal engine of creation // solution // evolution; what this world needs is a UML (Universal Modeling Language) to connect the planet's ideas, to both the organic + the digital. At times I can think anywhere from 3 minutes to 3 years into the future; I adeptly translate multiple languages easily between IT (Information Technology), Design, Engineering, Urbanism; I remain hardwired + networked for tomorrow yet firmly grounded in the world today. A steady BPM paces my life soundtrack. I maintain a fluid interface with livability + technology; will XML // CSS // Java become extensions of us? It sure looks like it.

This includes assurance: I own the area where qualitative processes produces quantitative outcomes; the negative by-products of yester -day // -year // -century are not suitable now.

Why are these important to me? I've never been satisfied with good enough - I work hard for an ideology where good-to-great evolves into great-to-phenomenal.

I even tested for my Strengthsfinder keywords: Ideation, Maximizer, Strategic, Achiever, Individualization.

So let's connect: I seek out like minds that wouldn't mind collaborating someday.

When I'm offline, I gear up into ice hockey, photography, and weightlifting/training.

Key Areas of Interest | Knowledge | Expertise

Architecture + Urban Design

Software + Technology Enhancement

Coding, UX Platforms, Mobile Applications

LEED + Sustainable Design Strategies

Building Information Modeling (BIM)

Urban Policy + Macroeconomic Studies

Climate Change Mitigation + Adaptation Studies

Digital Photography - Cityscapes | Streetscapes

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  • Education
    • Virginia Tech
    • University of Detroit Mercy