Mei Hoh

Mei Hoh grew up loving movies in Malasyia and earned her bachelor in Financing Marketing from the University of Southern Queensland. She then worked as an information service officer for financial markets. This experience cultivated strong research, organization, resourcefulness skills. She then moved on to be an executive recruiter while leveraging her connections to become an esteemed online trader.

To fulfill her lifelong passions she came to Vancouver to attend the Vancouver Film School to integrate her professional skills with the movie making realm. She loves action adventure, romance, comedy, horror and animation genres and in the near future will be producing rom-coms with a vision of one day directing action adventure films.

When not working on film projects Mei-Hoh can be found flying kites, going to the movies, frequenting events, cycling, playing badminton and swimming. She is deeply inspired by people who teach what it means to be good, to enforce principles of honour and different ways to look at situations intelligently.