Meike Lindsen

Rotterdam, Nederland



When I drove in a car full of furniture from the Netherlands to Portugal in 2011, I couldn't wait to leave Dutch culture behind and dive into Portuguese life. To get away from my life in Rotterdam, and to look for a new challenge in Lisbon.

Things turned out slightly differently than I initially thought. Soon I was offered a job as a Dutch language teacher. My Portuguese students wanted to learn "my" language and learn about the Dutch culture. Some of them were even planning to move to this country I had just left, to look for work or to study. They taught me to appreciate my own country, cuture and language again. In early 2012, I started with the idea of organise a Dutch film festival. I always like to say, half-jokingly this idea has gotten slightly out of hand.

I'm proud to say, Cinema Bioscoop is now an international organisation with events in Lisbon, London and Brussels. At every location I've been given the oppurtunity to work with local partners and colleagues.

And I? I've rediscovered Rotterdam as an inspiring hometown. From here I work as a festival coordinator in Lisbon, London, Brussels, Rotterdam and maybe in the future in your city?