Meike Hoek

branding & Strategy, talentscout, and Life Coach in Amsterdam, Nederland

Meike believes in the power of the story behind a professional or organization.

MeikeHoek is a Communication Professional with experience in Content Marketing, Advertising & Recruiting. After a couple years in various jobs, Meike wants to focus on companies that are busy with radical innovations like the platform society, sharing economy and social enterprises,

My Services offered:

- Online Marketing Consultant

I Help start-ups with their strategy, marketing, design, innovation and new business. I prefer to help social enterprises with their strategy and content marketing. Social Heroes that wants to make a positive impact - small or big. What I love the most is working with social enterprises and radical innovators that are shaping our future.

- Freelancer Content Writing

Are you too busy to work on your content marketing?

I can write attractive copywriting for your blog, website or anything related.

- Coaching for entrepreneurial spirits

Help millennials with their struggles of living a meaningful life and find "why". As a recruiter, I have spoken to a lot of people that are hopping job to job...A lot of these millennials often want to start as an entrepreneur, but don’t know with What to start or How. I can help you with the right tools live a more balanced fulfilling life. I followed several courses on personal development and still continue learning on personal development. I also like to Interview entrepreneurs that are doing what they love and have found their mission statement.


  • Education
    • Open University