Meiko Moo

Hello, my name is Meiko (That's what I go by on the internet anyways!) I also don't mind if you call me Bird (My old internet name) or Satoko (Since I really identify with Satoko Hojo from Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni!)

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I'm Genderflux, witch means I change between/feel inbetween Agender and a binary gender. I personally feel inbetween Agender and Female, so they/them and she/her pronouns are what I like most! Though you can refer to me with any pronouns, just no it pronouns please!

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Some of my interests are Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni, Kill La Kill, Revolutionary Girl Utena, Steven Universe, Sailor Moon, Madoka Magica, disturbing/murder/ghost stories, random trivia, mystery novels, and much more! I especially love video games, and currently I'm really interested in Until Dawn!

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Some of my favorite characters are:

-Satoko Hojo

-Sailor Uranus/Haruka

-Satsuki Kiryuin

-Princess Peach

-Jane Crocker

-Mami Tomoe

-Anthy Himemiya

-Juri Arisugawa

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I have:

-Bipolar Depression: If I suddenly get really negative or a crazy vent post comes out of nowhere, my bipolar dpression is probably the cause. I tag all of my vents with [neg] though, so please take note!

-Extreme Social Anxiety: I may suddenly cut off a conversation or not reply, or just become awkward and have a lot of typos. And don't worry, most of the time it doesn't mean I have a problem with you! I just get really nervous about interacting with people. I may also just start talking about myself a lot, and that means I just feel nervous and don't know what to say!

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My triggers are: Slurs (whether it be gender slurs, racial slurs, etc) Male X Male PDA and sometimes just Men (Because of the abuse I received as a child, I'm very afraid of men. It doesn't mean I hate men, they just scare me. Please don't think I hate you just because of your gender or sexuality! I don't!)

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Yes, this last section is dedicated to Andy/Jade, my gf (gay frog) who caught 420 pokemon on that xkit extension. She also hates nyas, and is a big gay baby who needs to go to gay baby jail. You didn't hear that from me.