Emily Coles


Jill of all trades. Gamer, geeker, writer, drawer, baker, candlestick maker. Ok. That last one's not entirely accurate. But I did make a candle once...

My life has been influenced by many things. In my house growing up we were lucky enough to get read to every night. Greek Myths, Fairy Tales, Folk Tales, regular stories, even the first three Harry Potter books, after which we'd gotten too old to be read to and had to read them ourself. I also grew up with Star Trek and Doctor Who as a TV staple. Which I'm infinitely glad of. Being exposed to stuff like that, I am eternally grateful for having a geeky father. He's a Trekky even if he denies it.

It all led me to where I am now. Enthralled by scifi culture, anime, manga, the East in general really. Spent over a year working in China, got to Korea briefly too. Still got Japan to do...

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