smol kid

🔮 hiya my name is ellie but only close friends can call me by my real name aidan

🔮 i really love shallotte elminus and ryuko matoi, along with ayumi shinozaki and rui kagamiya

🔮 i post corpse party A LOT

🔮 i only give my pass to really close friends that i trust but i haven't given it to anyone yet,,,

🔮 im totally approachable, you can dm me or kik me @levi.crona if you wanna be friends! im rlly shy tho,,

🔮 i have a lot of wives/characters i really love, but dont think i claim them because i dont do that anymore. im willing to share if you are !!

🔮 i post a lot about games because games are seriously my life source

🔮 i also post a lot of gay shit cause im hella gay

🔮 i don't like spoilers so please don't comment them !!

🔮 im normally pretty happy, but when im not and im posting sad shit, don't worry about it because it usually doesn't last long.

🔮 um that's about it have a great day !!!!

🔮 dm "nonon as a magical girl" to be accepted !!