Meixia Le

To be a woman or beautiful or charming, can also be pretty! Tricky trick is very simple, and that is to wear a suit. In springtime, devastating epidemic small suit, also broke the shackles the color, color you can think of, can use it. Feel free to mix spring base coat, you can instantly make you look pretty. Position is business casual small suit, also known as work-life balance style, dress decently at work, usually wear casual fashion. Able to use natural colors are very wide, of course, except for outside printing suits, mostly in plain color, can end up like this paragraph, along the small sleeve pocket ornament Leopard, brings a wealth of design sense, people who likes nature very much. Spring jacket, Cardigan makes people mellow, coats make you atmosphere, trench coats are neutral or a bit handsome sturdy, handsome wearing little suits with trench coat, more handsome and pretty than raincoats. There's a dress can make you look elegant, which are small fields breathe sweet little suits. A short length of body to remix, its clean lines and bright, trim stereo, pay attention to the figure of the show. Color with soft Pinks, and makes you look more gentle, with the spread sleeves lace flower, full of feminine.