Mary Elma Johnson

Family History Research in North Carolina

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History had always been a passion of mine. Loved my school trips to Jamestown & Colonial Williamsburg.

Developed an interest in family history in my early to mid teens. Little did I realize, that the deep connections I felt being in Jamestown, would lead me in my ancestors footsteps.

Now adding genetics to my research tools.

I also love Anthropology, Archaeology, & Geology.

I have a public lineage tree & a private research tree. I still have much to add to my public tree.

NOTE: The drawing is of my great grandparents home, formally belonging to my great grandmother's maternal grandparents in Northampton County, North Carolina. Sadly, the house no longer exists. The drawing was done from memory, by my great uncle's wife.

Disclaimer: I am not a professional genealogist & am not promoting a service.