MeJO 3sSa

wilL be 20 years oLD iN 24/12

MusLim SuNNi

studying power engineering in shorouk AcaDemy

It wilL be my thirD year iN eLecTric power

From CairO , \/eLwaN ,\/eLwan =D

#MouNir #DiabiaN #David_Guetta #armin #Trance&house #UA07 #brad3awy #7amDeN #fuck_scaf #no_scaf

msTny eL 100 Day bTo3 morSy y3Do w 2La2y a5TLaf b3Dha

my Life is betweeN my frienDs ,twitter ,FB anD sometime studying or working =D

SingLe mN sa3eT ma Birth .. W mbSoT GeDN mn eL ra\/a eL NaFSya Deeh =D

BaskeTBalL is my True & FavouriTe sport .. was CapTiNe for 4 years iN NaDy 7eLwaN ^_^ .. aND from here .. I got my nick name :)

M=Mohamed..e=esSam..JO=Jordon (michaeL JordoN) ====>MeJo