Sophia Jones

San Francisco, California, United States

Hi there I am Sophia. I am extremely pleased to be a participant on this network. I am from Shreveport. I work for Google since 2007. I finished my college from the United States Military Academy. I love spending quality time with my all the family members when I am not working. I even cherish to see All My Children whenever feasible. I am someone who likes to try to make new mates. In the time of my school period I have totally enjoyed going across the nation. Netherlands is my favourite holiday vacation destination spots. I am a person who loves outdoor, not to mention sports being one of my favourite hobbies. Oh well I do love sports activities, who doesn't in any case? Athletics excites me a whole lot. As far as good music goes, I really do not have much a chance to listen to music, in case I actually do get a little extra time to unwind, i normally enjoy Electronic.