Meka Kay

Entrepreneur, Small Business Owner, and Health And Wellness in Louisiana

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Hi, I’m Meka . I’m an Independent Business Owner With Total Life Changes. I have been consuming Total Life Changes products since 2015. I have been overweight all my life and have tried everything (except surgery) to lose weight. I would lose weight and eventually gain it back and then some. I never really had too many health issues but the last time I went to Dr my pressure was high and the Dr proceeded to poke and prod and wanted to run thousands of test because of my weight. I was not used to that so I left the Dr's office and decided it was time to get rid if this weight! Then I ran across Iaso Tea on Facebook so I said to myself: "I tried everything else a little tea won't hurt lol." I started with the tea alone and lost 20 pounds. Then I added the Nutraburst and the Resolution Drops and the Life Drops when they were introduced and I lost 50 pounds and 4 dress sizes with barely any exercise besides minimal walking! Life happened and got busy so with family so I got off the drops but I still consumed the tea, and Nutraburst. I gained 20 pounds (stayed the same dress size) in between but July of this year I got back on the Diet Duo Kit and I lost 30 pounds!! This is the smallest I have ever been. I still have a long way to go but I have come too far to every go back! Thank God for TLC!!
I am a fan of entrepreneurship, fitness, and coffee. I’m also interested in technology and food.

You can visit my store to purchase the products I used daily to lose weight and maintain my health, or contact me so I can assist you in finding the right products to help you achieve optimal health.