Mohamad Mekawi

Beirut, Lebanon

I would like to take this opportunity and introduce myself in few lines; First things first, my current job is a producer with wide variety of tasks. I currently hold this position as producer with several major clients (Dubai TV, NHK World, RT Arabic, RCN Colombia…)

Each client have its own standards and calibers that must be maintained especially ON-AIR live interviews, news reports and so on, and this is a major part of my daily planned work.

I get to manage teams to shoot and gather news, facilitate the reporters’ work and link with their headquarters, review, and feed, make sure HD quality news and sequenced packages are highly crafted.

On the other hand, I also work as satellite desk producer, from finding guests, initiate contact with them and make the related work to receive, prepare to interview and studio set up, satellite booking and coordination with sat providers and destination parties to make sure everything is on the schedule and running smooth.

The second part of my current role is related to documentaries: starting from scratch, soft research, key personalities, and permits preparation, production management for on-site team.

I also review the final drafts with the executive producer, review the accuracy of information and language editing.

As final step, I record narration for films if requested to do so (as freelancer) as an under training voice narration talent.

I have also worked as website editor, for online and breaking news (on screen), with high level of accuracy, speed and attention to details.

As a former public relations and media coordination specialist, my main duty was to produce weekly bulletin, initiate contact with local and regional press. I also wrote press releases for several occasion, along with book fairs organization and launching in Lebanon and abroad (Iraq, Syria, Egypt, and Algeria).

Nevertheless, I also presented my employer in many occasions, seminars, and cultural related events; reflecting a strong commitment and high level communication office that thrives when needed to keep the reputation and present the reality as it is.

I tend to save no effort and work relentlessly to achieve more, driven by a quote I memorized once while entering the field work:”in theory there is no difference between theory and practice, but in practice there is”.

  • Work
    • Newstime Productions
  • Education
    • ramel el zarif
    • Lebanese University